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Formaldehydes and Safe Cosmetics

Formaldehydes and Safe Cosmetics

We know that formaldehydes are definitely not safe and yet, somehow, we still put our head in the sand! It's easier to believe that your favorite product from your favorite company, would not put harmful and toxic ingredients in the products you or your stylist purchase; but many do. In fact the very popular straightening products that so many people enjoy the results of, include formaldehyde or ingredients when used in combination, make the harmful formaldehyde plume. Who do they think we are!?!? Well, we have been willing participants!

We simply use the products that we have been told should make us feel more beautiful. It is the "nothing will happen to me because everyone is doing it" part of the story.

We have become used to reading food labels in the market aisles, but do we really read and understand what is in the products we use or are being used on us? Most of us don't. Thank goodness more and more studies are reaching the masses via news reports, online articles, etc. If a product reaches the point of controversy, it's generally a good idea to investigate the reasons why and make a more informed decision for you and your health. After all, the most beautiful thing about us is being healthy and alive.

Do yourself a favor and check out the 5 reports and videos at this link. Search "Hair Straighteners anad Formaldehydes".


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