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What's in Your Shampoo?

What's in Your Shampoo?

Many people we meet are asking this very question. What's in it, and why? We are realizing the compounded impact the pollution in our environment and in the products we use everyday, has on our body in the short and long term. Just a few changes in your everyday habits and product usage can make a huge difference in you and your loved ones lives. Thankfully, cleaner choices are easier than ever to find but the devil's in the details. It doesn't matter what the front of the bottle or packaging claims, to entice you; the consumer.

What really matters, is checking out the information on the back or underside of the package...the ingredient label, and not just what is mostly in it (the first few ingredients). Do yourself and your family a favor and read the entire label to see what's inside. If you are unsure of the tongue-twisting vocabulary that lies before you, rest assured there are many resources with which to find the meaning to every word. Not just what they are but more importantly, what they do.

For more information on this very topic, go to and check out a great video, "The Story of Cosmetics."


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